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Jianpu Technology Inc. is the leading independent open platform for discovery and recommendation of financial products in China, according to the iResearch Report*. By leveraging our deep data insights and proprietary technology, we provide users with personalized search results and recommendations that are tailored to each user’s particular financial needs and credit profile. We also enable financial service providers with sales and marketing solutions to reach and serve their target customers more effectively through online and mobile channels and enhance their competitiveness by providing them with tailored data, risk management and end-to-end solutions. We are committed to maintaining an independent open platform, which allows us to serve the needs of users and financial service providers impartially.


We have created an ecosystem that has transformed the way users discover financial products, providing them with more choices, better terms and greater convenience. China’s retail financial services market is highly fragmented, with a variety of national and regional financial institutions and emerging technology-enabled financial service providers. As of December 31, 2018, our open platform, which we operate under the “Rong360” brand, has reached 116 million registered users. Over 2,500 financial service providers offered over 250,000 financial products in 2018, including over 109,600 loan products, 3,100 credit card products and 146,400 wealth management products. We collaborate with a wide variety of third-party data partners, including third-party credit information providers, payment companies and e-commerce platforms. Our thriving ecosystem of users, financial service providers and third-party data and technology partners strengthens our leadership position as a destination for financial product discovery and recommendation.


As an open platform, we have extensive access to data from users, financial service providers and a wide variety of third-party data partners. Our data analytics and proprietary technology enable us to analyze our massive volume of data and offer valuable services to both users and financial service providers. These capabilities drive product recommendations and credit analysis for users and support credit underwriting, fraud detection and fraud prevention for financial service providers. In particular, we offer big data risk management solutions to financial service providers, which help them improve their customer acquisition, application approval, fraud detection and prevention and other credit underwriting processes. Our proprietary technology enables us to match users with the appropriate financial products and to help financial service providers better target and serve users. We have been continually improving our advanced matching capability by leveraging big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies.


*As measured by the number of loan applications or by the number of credit card applications over the period from 2012 to 2016