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Jianpu at a Glance/Who we are?

  • A leading independent open platform for the discovery and recommendation of financial products for consumers in China since 2011
  • Empower the digital transformation of the financial industry and other industries
  • Vision is “To become everyone’s financial partner”

Why invest in Jianpu?

  1. A leading independent third-party fintech platform with an asset-light business model without bearing credit, liquidity or market risk
    • Connect users with financial service providers by providing users with customized search results and recommendations on financial products
    • Facilitate and support the digital transformation of financial institutions with our suite of digitalization solutions
  2. Leverage omni-channel marketing solutions to enhance customer acquisition capability
    • Expand our traffic acquisition channels to cover online and offline, and across mainstream media to private traffic sources
    • Launch our proprietary social media and partner program
    • Increase economies of scale to facilitate improvement in efficiency
    • Empower digital marketing of the financial industry and other industries
  3. Strong and sophisticated technological capabilities to facilitate the digital transformation of financial ecosystem participants
    • Establish strategic corporation with financial institutions and regional regulatory authorities to offer sales and marketing solutions, risk management solutions, and system-based solutions
    • Improve their capabilities in workflow automation, customer acquisition, product matching, fraud detection and prevention, risk management and assessment, and digitalization
    • Enhance their operational efficiency and competitiveness eventually
  4. New business initiatives to balance revenue structure
    • Launch insurance brokerage services after the acquisition of an insurance brokerage company in 2019
    • Set foot in Southeast Asia and secured three registrations in respect of financial marketplace, credit scoring and verification technology in Indonesia in 2020 and 2021
    • Expand omni-channel marketing solutions to empower non-financial industries and adjacent categories
  5. Experienced Leadership Team
    • Professional team with years of industry experience to guide the execution of Jianpu’s business strategies
    • Focus on long-term value creation for shareholders